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How Mudjacking Works

Step 1: Find the area, where the concrete slab or area is uneven, that you want to get the proper concrete level again.

Step 2: If we have identified the location, we will start the next step which is to make small drilling holes in the concrete. The holes are usually small around 2″-3″ because we use a small drill bit.

Step 3: The third step is where the lifting starts as we will fill the holes with a mix that consists of concrete and soil.

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Step 4: During this process the concrete mix gets injected underneath the concrete slab which we can level precisely to get the concrete leveled accordingly. You might also see us walking or jumping on your concrete slab level it down to the tee.

Step 5: When we have reached the proper concrete level, the concrete injection will stop. After that we will then fill each drilled hole and start patching it. As your concrete may have a different color, we will always match the concrete patch with the existing concrete color too. After it is patched it will be barely noticeable. And this is basically the whole mudjacking process. Your concrete slabs or areas have been leveled properly in no-time! Your concrete has gotten a service which is a lot more affordable, easier, cheaper, and a faster solution than concrete replacement.

Step 6: The final step of the process is the clean-up. You will be rest assured that no mess is left after our job. We do need a access to a hose for this.

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