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Types of Services Our Company Provides

H&S Lincoln Mudjacking Pros is well versed with Mudjacking. In other words, you can expect us to deliver slab jacking, concrete leveling, concrete lifting, and concrete raising. Our work is to level the sinking concrete of yours. If we talk about level garage floors, uneven patios, uneven driveways, sinking walkways, uneven concrete, and concrete steps, we’re an expert in fixing them.

Our company does residential and commercial Mudjacking in Lincoln, NE and its neighborhood areas.

A concrete sidewalk of a home in Greenwood, Lincoln getting measured and prepared for concrete raising.
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What Is Mudjacking?

Concrete leveling and Mudjacking – both are considered as a repair procedure that raise concrete that sinks. No matter how much the concrete sinks, our Mudjacking increases the level again because it’s filled with a great sand blend, water, and cement.

Our experts put the mixture beneath the ground so that they can lift concrete up. To perform this task, our men drill 1 inch holes in the slab. If they won’t do so, the grout mixture wouldn’t go under the ground. All of this pretty much makes sense because concrete reaches at the right height. More importantly, the space of holes gets covered up with grout.

In order to give a final touch, our experts make sure the holes filled will match the color of the concrete slab.

What Surfaces Do We Mudjack?

H&S Lincoln Mudjacking Pros are expert mudjacking technicians that have dealt with sunken sideways, driveway slabs, garage floors, concrete patios, and other various slabs that homes and offices usually have.

If you think we’re not that great at leveling up concrete, give us a call. We’re always here ready to give you advice.

Which Areas Do You Serve?

We serve in Lincoln NE, but we also serve in surrounding towns and areas like Emerald, Denton, Milford, Pleasant Dale, Goehner, Tamora, Seward, Garland, Malcolm, Staplehurst, Bee, Ulysses, Dwight, Valparaiso, Agnew, Davey, Ceresco, Memphis, Ashland, South Bend, Louisville, Murdock, Waverly, Prairie Home, Arbor, Alvo, Eagle, Elmwood, Dorchester, Crete, Kramer, Martell, Hallam, Wilber, Clatonia, Cortland, Roca, Hickman, Firth, Bennet, Panama, Adams, Eagle, Palmyra, Douglas, Sterling, Unadilla, Burr, Syracuse, Cook, Greenwood, South Bend.

If your town or area is not in our list yet, you can just reach out to us so we can check if we can do work in your area.

When Is Concrete Leveling Needed?

Believe it or not, concrete raisingconcrete leveling, or mudjacking are known to make your property durable. Do you know if concrete slabs are not taken care of, they fail to make the flow of water throughout the home? If this happens, a major water damage may occur, which won’t be repaired without foundation bracing. And guess what? Foundation bracing is no joke as it costs around thousands of dollars. It’s highly recommended to keep a check on concrete leveling. Otherwise, it would be unavoidable and you will end up paying the price.

A before and after result of concrete slabs on a concrete driveway of a homeowner in Bicentennial Estates N, Lincoln.

Although water damage is a major problem, another big concern is to be safe. If an area is not leveled properly, it would become tough to walk in. As you know, a little accident may cause injuries. Most of our customers ask for our mudjacking services because of these 2 problems.

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How Much Does Mudjacking Cost?

Without acknowledging the complexity and size of the project, it won’t be easy to acknowledge the cost of a job. But still, a few hundred bucks is the least you can expect. Please remember that getting mudjacking is way more affordable than new concrete.

In fact, instead of recommending to get new concrete, you can also choose to do concrete leveling or mudjacking instead because it is a fraction of the cost of replacing concrete. If you want to know more about it, we’re providing a free personal quote. Call H&S Lincoln Mudjacking Pros today!

Is Mudjacking Cheaper than Replacing the Whole Concrete?

When we talk about cost, mudjacking and other concrete leveling services are cheaper than replacing the whole concrete. At times mudjacking costs as much as half or even a third of replacement.

Why Did Concrete at My Place Sink?

Frankly, it’s all nature’s play when we talk about the concrete sink at your place. Due to natural calamities, the soil and ground below the concrete get hampered. The soil settles with time and as soon as it does, erosion takes place. Now due to this erosion, the concrete above it, which was once flat and leveled, now shifts and sinks.

This shift and sink of concrete are negligible at the start and hard to notice. But with gradual sinking overtime, you can see the change in the level of the concrete. Over time you will too see the difference in the ground level. The process is completely natural and you can’t help it.

A concrete edge at a garage door in Everett, Lincoln needing concrete raising to level the height difference.

Sinking occurs in areas where there is annual-freeze thaw, such as in Lincoln, NE. Our mudjacking services can level the concrete like no one can. Although it’s a bold statement, we have years of experience and we don’t hesitate in making such claims.

I See a Void in the Concrete, What Does That Mean?

Voids in the concrete occur due to water present below the concrete that causes the soil to erode. When it takes place, numerous kinds of concrete issues come into play- some of them being cracking, concrete buckling, or settling.

Do Rodents Play Any Part in Concrete Cracks and Buckles?

Rodents are one of the reasons which cause your concrete to crack or buckle. Some rodents, such as groundhogs, tend to dig deep tunnels in the ground. This causes the shift in the soil below the ground (where your concrete is) and leads to crack, settle or buckle.

Should I Replace Concrete or Opt for Mudjacking?

Replacing concrete slabs is an expensive task. The expensiveness of the process is quite logical and it takes a lot of effort. If we talk about tearing out the damaged concrete slabs, it’s a very critical and time-consuming process. After tearing, there comes putting in new concrete floors, patios or slabs, which is again a delicate process. You can now get a clear idea about the cost of it when compared to the repairing process like mudjacking and concrete leveling.

There is one other major benefit that comes with mudjacking or concrete leveling, you don’t need to wait for the concrete to dry. You can use the space immediately once it’s repaired.

How Much Time Does Mudjacking Take?

It all depends on the space to be repaired. Mudjacking can be done in just an hour or it might also take a day. It is all on the complexity and size of your concrete and the kind of service you need. The best part of mudjacking is – you can use the concrete instantly once the work is done.

Is It Mandatory For Me To Be At Home When Mudjacking?

If the concrete slabs that needs mudjacking is on the exterior part of your house, you don’t need to be present. You have to be absent when you need mudjacking of patios, sidewalks, etc. In other words, if a concrete part inside your house or in the garage needs mudjacking, it’s a no brainer! You will have to be in your place.

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What Is Mudjacking Process?

If you want to know all the tit-bits of the mudjacking process, you should have a look at “What Is Mudjacking” this video. All your doubts will be clear when you see how mudjacking is done.

The first step of the mudjacking process which is to drill concrete holes, shown at a concrete driveway in The Knolls, Lincoln.

Step 1

The first step of the mudjacking process is injecting the concrete mixture, shown at a concrete patio in Country Club, Lincoln as an example.

Step 2

The last step of a mudjacking process is to patch up the holes, this is shown at a concrete sidewalk of a home at Family Acres, Lincoln.

Step 3

What Are the Perks of Opting for Concrete Leveling Rather Than Just Replacing My Concrete?

The major reason for going with concrete leveling instead of replacing the whole concrete slab is the saving that comes in terms of cost and time. When the concrete is not heavily cracked or buckled, going with concrete leveling or mudjacking is always better. Why? Because the cost factor comes into play. It costs you half or even one-third of the cost, which will replace the concrete.

Time is also a crucial factor here. It takes hours for concrete leveling but a day or two for the replacement process. This is because the replacement process needs you to wait for the concrete to dry and become hard before using it. So, if you want your concrete surface to be repaired right away, go for concrete leveling.

Concrete mudjacking mixture getting injected underneath a concrete slab in front of a house at Clinton, Lincoln.

Is Mudjacking a Loud Process? Would There Be Any Dust & Debris?

The process makes use of a mudjacking pump. Its noise is similar to that of a lawnmower. Small holes in the concrete slab are also drilled while mudjacking which creates a little noise. Frankly speaking, you will observe some dust in the surroundings due to drilling. When the concrete requires to be sawed, there will be a lot of dust in your surroundings. Still, sawing is not required in most cases.

The process of mudjacking can’t be totally noise proof and dustproof. But our team of professional mudjackers makes sure that they reduce noise and dust as much as possible. The environment is important to us as well, we keep in mind factors that can reduce noise & dust and implement them on site.

What Space Will Be Required for Mudjacking Service?

The space requirement is dependent upon your concrete dimensions. If the concrete that needs mudjacking is big, it will require ample space and vice versa. Whatever the case, you can just call us and know about the space we will require for mudjacking. Call H&S Lincoln Mudjacking Pros today!

Will My Yard, Sprinklers, etc. Be Safe When You Mudjack?

A professional mudjacking team like ours would cause no damage to your private / commercial property. There may just be some small ruts due to the mudjacking pump if your garden is wet and soft due to sprinklers.

Is There a Possibility of My Concrete Cracking Due to Mudjacking?

There might be a case where your concrete can crack due to mudjacking. If the concrete at your place is not of solid quality, it can no doubt crack up. If you move the concrete several times, the crack could enlarge, which would lead to severe damage during mudjacking. But the minor cracks are not visible as these are below the concrete.

The cracks heavily depend on the work process as well. We would always recommend hiring experienced and professional mudjackers to do the work. Our experts qualify for the work due to their years of experience and knowledge of mudjacking they bring on the table. Without a team, you can’t be relieved about the crack occurrence on your concrete slab.

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Get The Job Done By Professionals With Over 20 Years Experience

What Number of Concrete Holes Will You Be Drilling in the Concrete?

The concrete holes to be drilled in the concrete slab will depend upon its dimensions. It also at times depends on the directions and the way concrete slab has to move or has been moved over time.

Will There Be A Color Similarity in the Patched Drilled Holes and Concrete Slab?

Yes, our teams make sure that there is an exact color match of the patched holes and the concrete slab. When the concrete is new, it’s not a big deal to match the color. With old concrete slabs, it becomes a bit tricky. Our team of elite mudjackers kick things up a notch and match the color of the patched holes with the concrete color in such cases.

Are There Any Problems With Mudjacking?

There are no severe problems of mudjacking that need your attention. The only thing you need to care about is the selection of professional mudjacking technicians. If you go wrong and hire unprofessional mudjackers, it might cost you a fortune. The problem with unprofessional mudjackers is – there is a fair chance that your concrete will crack during the mudjacking process. We can be your local mudjacking company and provide you with our best quality mudjackers with tons of experience.

Before situation of a concrete driveway in front of garage doors of a home at Highlands, Lincoln.


An after result of the concrete driveways of a home in Highlands Lincoln after our mudjacking services.


What Are the Consequences of Not Mudjacking?

It all depends on the location and kind of concrete areas. Let’s assume the area is a patio slab or a walkway. Ignoring mudjacking at such places creates a slope and can lead to expensive water damage seeping into the foundation of the place you own.

In case your concrete slabs are not properly leveled, there will be a risk of you tripping or slipping on the floor. If you are not sure about the severity of the concrete issues at your place, give us a call, we will clear it all out.

Is There a Way I Can Prevent My Concrete from Cracking or Sinking?

The soil underneath the concrete plays a vital role in preventing your concrete from cracking. Make sure the soil is compacted all the time. It is also a good practice to keep your outdoor land sloped away. The road/pavement should be sloped away from your home or office building.

Placement of the drainage system at the right place also matters. Make sure the drainage system doesn’t collect water under the concrete surface.

Lastly, in case there are any holes in the concrete slab, make sure you get them sealed properly.

Is Lowering Concrete Slabs with Mudjacking Possible?

No, it won’t be possible to lower the concrete slab level with Mudjacking. Mudjacking and concrete leveling is all about raising the ground level. But our team is proficient to perform concrete grinding process. This process helps you level your concrete.

Can Sidewalks be leveled that have been Lifted or Buckled by Tree Roots?

Yes, this kind of problem is doable in most cases. When your concrete slab shifts due to tree root, mudjacking is the best solution you should go for. Looking at the complexity and the amount of shift, we will decide which process to use- mudjacking or concrete grinding. In any case, the level could only be raised and not lowered. So if the concrete slab is lifted due to a tree root, mudjacking is not applicable.

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What is Concrete Grinding?

Where mudjacking fails in leveling/raising the concrete slabs, concrete grinding comes into the picture. The process where the concrete gets “shaved” (or ground up) so that it matches the height of the next concrete slab is called concrete grinding. It basically works best as a mudjacking alternative. Like mudjacking, concrete grinding is also cheaper than replacing the concrete slab with a new one.

How Long Do Concrete Leveling Services Last?

It all depends upon whom you choose. We use grout products that are made out of crushed rocks. These rocks have the property that resists them from settling below the ground. H&S Lincoln Mudjacking Pros is an experienced concrete leveling company with professional mudjackers handling your project.

If you let a professional handle your concrete leveling services, then your concrete can last for many years after that. Choose us as your mudjacking/concrete leveling company and you will not be disappointed with our work.

Do I Need Any Kind of Maintenance after Mudjacking or Concrete Leveling Services?

In almost every case, maintenance for the concrete after mudjacking isn’t required. For some leveled areas, you might require minor maintenance depending upon the project’s intricacies. In rare cases, you might need to caulk joints or replace your drainage system.

The best benefit you get when you hire us is – you don’t need to worry about the color variation in the patched hole and the concrete. Our team makes sure to put in that extra effort for you.

If you want to know about all the peaks you get by hiring us, call us today and we will let you know all about it.

Does opting for Mudjacking Mean that My House/Office Building is Structurally Damaged?

For most instances, the answer is no. Concrete shifting is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to a shift in the ground soil. Mudjacking is the perfect solution for such instances. Natural shifting of the patio, driveway, or concrete slabs isn’t a manual phenomenon, it has nothing to do with your house/building structure.

Do I Need a Building Permit to Do Mudjacking?

No, there is no need of a permit for any mudjacking or concrete leveling project.

Is There a Way I Can Do DIY Mudjacking?

Yes, you can do DIY mudjacking. My father-in-law also did the same. By mudjacking, he successfully raised his concrete 3’’. But not everyone is a pro to carry out mudjacking. It takes some serious practice. My father-in-law is a retired contractor and he knows about mudjacking.

He made use of tractor and car jacks to carry DIY concrete raising projects. He has the tools and was technically trained for the project.

If you think it’s not your cup of tea, hire a professional. Our company has professional mudjacking technicians that will provide you quality work. H&S Lincoln Mudjacking Pros is the best mudjacking contractor in Lincoln, NE. Contact us now!

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